Ti 84 Plus Vs Ti 84 Plus Silver Edition – What Is The Difference?

Texas Instruments is a name that all math and finance students recognize. Their graphing calculators are considered to be among the best. They are also allowed in most standardized tests. Now, although each model has its specific features, there’s often confusion between the Ti-84 Plus and Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition. 

By enlisting their features and comparing them for you, we are aiming to help you understand their differences so that you choose the right one.

Ti-84 Plus Vs Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition – The Features

Both these models were released in 2004, just a couple of months apart. And, as the name suggests, they are almost similar but with slight variations. 

Ti-84 Plus

TI 84 PlusThe new and improved Ti-84 Plus has excellent memory and is faster than its older models. You can program it with the basic language and store games as well. You can also store applications. This is another feature that older versions did not have. A few more features are as follows:

  • 14-digit accuracy and 10-digit display
  • It can save 10 graphing functions at a time
  • The lists can store 999 elements
  • You can conduct multiple matrix operations using this calculator
  • It allows horizontal and vertical split screens
  • It has a multi-line display and features more than 200 functions
  • Its memory is 1 MB

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Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition

Ti-84 Plus Silver EditionThe Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition is a premium model that’s more expensive than Ti-84 Plus. It has changeable face plates, and you can choose from multiple colors. Besides this, it has an organizer and comes with the periodic table, making it a useful choice even for Chemistry students. A few more details are below:

  • It has 21 pre-loaded apps
  • It is compatible with USB cables to help you transfer data and share files
  • It allows a split screen just like the Ti-84 Plus
  • It is a good choice for trigonometry, engineering, calculus, and financial functions
  • It also has a 10-digit display and 14-digit accuracy
  • Its memory is 2 MB

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Ti-84 Plus vs Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition – The Verdict

Most of the common features are the same in these calculators. You will only see a difference in memory and appearance because the Silver Edition offers better features in these areas. In simple words, if you can pay a few more dollars, you will have more space. Chemistry students will also have an edge with this calculator. Having said that, the Ti-84 Plus remains a fine and one of the best graphing calculators available today.


You can’t go wrong with Ti-84 Plus or Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition because they are both excellent calculators. Only a few features are different and the right one for you will depend on which of the features you prefer. All the best!

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