Is Trigonometry Harder Than Precalculus – Know The Myth!

How sometimes we wish to be a math genius and ace all the courses in the subject, don’t we? Well, that can surely happen only if we study the subject with full attention and concentration. Unlike other disciplines, one can’t mug up concepts in math, and hence it is vital to understand the basics. And when we are talking about this great subject of numbers, there is a frequently asked question of “ Is trigonometry harder than precalculus.” And answer to that is no, it isn’t. This may come as a shock to you but read this blog to find out why and other helpful tips.

Calculus and Trigonometry

Calculus and Trigonometry

Both these subjects are connected, let us look at the basic structure and concepts involved in each of these courses.

Precalculus is a course that is designed to prepare students for understanding calculus in their college or even high schools. When we compare the complexity of these courses, many people, including me, believe that Calculus or Precalculus is more challenging than trigonometry.

Precalculus requires an understanding of two major mathematic topics: Trigonometry and Math Analysis. Although Calculus covers several other topics too, having clear concepts of these two courses will be helpful. The course of precalculus is formatted to understand the complex math problem using the basics of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Precalculus helps the students get a broad understanding of the course and also makes it easier for them to transition to Calculus I and Calculus II.

Trigonometry, on the other side, is a course that most people learn in school or high school. It is a study of trigonometry functions that has a measure of angles as input values. One needs to have clarity about the concepts regarding geometry as it comes in handy. But apart from that, the course is easy to understand as there are formulas and patterns that one needs to learn to solve the trig problems. Trigonometry might seem challenging at first, but once you get a grip on it and understand the basis of it, the course appears easy.

So while we need to know geometry to understand trigonometry, we need to learn trigonometry to understand calculus and precalculus. One doesn’t need to know precalculus to understand trigonometry. Hence by now, it is stated that calculus is a higher-level advanced mathematics that clubs several courses of maths to solve problems. 

Is Trigonometry Harder Than Precalculus?


In my view, trigonometry is not harder than calculus. As input values and the way of solving the problems are different than the algebraic equations, one may find it weird at the beginning. But it gets better when you attentively solve the problems and learn formulas or theorems. And although calculus is a tricky course, clear concepts about the basics of mathematics can help you understand it with ease. No coursework or subject is difficult, given we put in the needed effort. 

Mathematics is such a fascinating subject on its own; one should enjoy its brilliance by learning new tricks and techniques to solve complex problems. Keep practicing and who knows you can be the next Ramanujan!

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