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How to Change Decimal Places on hp10bii Calculator | Operating Methods

A financial calculator has eased the lives of many people working in the finance sector along with others who need to do a lot of calculations for business or university-going students. One of the most popular choices for a financial calculator is the one from HP – a known brand across the globe for premium and innovative gadgets. And although the calculator comes with a manual to operate with, there are some common issues faced by people while using this calculator. 

How to Change Decimal Places on hp10bii Calculator

The most frequent of those queries is how to change decimal places on the HP10ii calculator. So to help all those people struggling with this issue along with the other commonly faced issues with using this financial calculator.

So let’s first look at the method to change the decimal places in this calculator.

Change the Decimal Places in This Calculator

Like all other calculators, this one also uses the point as a decimal to separate the digits. However, there are only two digits displayed after the decimal point. As using two decimal places are convenient for calculating percentage and other calculations, there is an option of displaying four decimal places. Increasing the decimal places can help the users to calculate interest rates and other calculations.

  • So to increase the number of digits displayed after the decimal point to four, press the gold shift key with DISP and key with the number four. Pressing these keys will display four digits after the point.
  • To go back to the original mode of displaying two digits, you can press the gold shift DISP 2. Pressing these keys will display two digits after the decimal point.

The yellow shifted DISP key is given above the zero key. Make sure to go through all the functions of the key using the manual so that it becomes easy for you to operate the calculator.

Another common problem that people come across while using this calculator is that sometimes it stops working and one has to reset it. So to help you with resetting, here is a procedure that you can follow. However, it should be noted that resetting the calculator might result in losing your memory and restoring the calculator. Hence it is vital to take a backup of the data before you start the process.

How to Reset The Calculator

  • First, press the “C” key and hold it. Along with it press the keys “N” and “FV” together. Hold all these keys.
  • Now release all the keys together at the same time.
  • Following this step will make your calculator go blank and start displaying “CORP HP 2000”.
  • This is followed by the message “ALL CLEAR” on the screen.
  • Now press the “ON” key to clear the message and start the calculator.

Concluding Remarks

If your calculator doesn’t start even after displaying the “ALL CLEAR” message, it is recommended to drain the batteries for 24 to 48 hours and then start the calculator. There are other ways to reset the calculator, too, but the above-stated method works for most of the cases. Changing the decimal places is also an easy method once you know which keys work to perform the function, you can change the displays with ease. Increasing the digits after the decimal point can also come in handy in the lengthy calculation and separate a large number.

 I hope this article helps you to solve the above-stated issues if you are facing them while using your financial calculator. Also, make sure to keep the manual handy as it can help to know the functions of all the keys and procedures for fixing your issues.

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