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How to Graph on a Graphing Calculator TI-84 | Latest Guide

Graphing calculators are best for solving the equations. Not only for equations but also for graphs as well. In this article, we will discuss the graphs that can be made on the graphing calculators ti-84 plus. 

How to Graph on Graphing Calculator TI-84

The first and foremost important step is turning off stat plots, and it is necessary completely. Find and enter the plot function screen. You must have found many equation lists on the viewing window. So begin with ‘y=,’ as it allows you to finish the equation. One can easily find the ‘y=’ on the menu screen/ list on your TI 84 Plus. Most of the graphic calculators have a labeled button on the TI 84 Plus to easily differentiate the menu list. Having a whole new button can help everyone to find the menu list quickly. Also, this helps one to find ‘y=’ too. Mostly it is at the top of the calculators. 

Now you need to enter the function that you want into your graph. Remember, the ‘y=’ calculator already chooses part of the equation. So now, you don’t need to mention the ‘y=’ equation but the rest of the equation is only into the TI 84 Plus. Generally, the remaining equations have the variables in constant only. A graphical calculator needs to be used with an “x” number. The nonlinear graphs are ax x and ax y. Enter the equations of this variable by touching the variable x. For example, if you can represent a graph diagram “y = x-3”, “variable x”, “-” y “3.”

How to set up a scatter plot on a graphing calculator

  1. Turn off all the plot except one (Plot 1)
    Turn off all the plot except one
    There would be two graphs open in front of the calculator, out of which you need to turn the plot two off. The whole scatter plot can be made in one plot at a time only. So it becomes very necessary to turn off other stat plots.
  2. Now go to Y1 and clear all the functions
    go to Y1 and clear all the functions
    So when you see Y1 on the viewing window, it must have having few records for which you need to clean the functions. It has a clear button on the right side of the TI 84 Plus. By simply clicking on it, you can clear the functions of Y1. 
  3. Now you go to the stat edit and enter all the data that you have in the L1 and L2 columns.
    go to stat edit and enter all the data
    You must have a few equations or say variables in your mind. Now start placing the data in L1 and L2.
  4. Now move to zoomstat to see the scatter plot diagram.
    zoomstat to see the scatter plot diagram
    Simply Zoom the scatter plot diagram to see through the data properly. Click on Zoom as much as you need to see a clear picture of the diagram.
  5. Trace the arrow keys so that you can quickly view each data on the view window.
    Trace the arrow keys
    Now, as you have zoomed and you can see through the data and variables in the scatter plot diagram. You can simply select or trace the data to know the equation and formation of the plot diagram. 

Step-by-step process of graphing on a graphing calculator (ti 84)

  1. Turn on the button of your ti calculator. Now press the ‘y=’ button that you will find at the top of the calculator.
    Note: all the five buttons on the top are related to graphs. 
  2. Now enter the equation below the first line and make sure to limit each equation to a line. 
  3. When you want to enter a variable, then press an alpha button.  
  4. Once it’s done, press the window key on the TI 84 calculators and enter the data/ values for the graph. This will also help you change the data and axes that stretch from x and y lines. 
  5. After this step, you have to press the graph button to see the whole formed equation that is now graphed. 
  6. Press the zoom button to see the zoom state image and multiple lists of options for your data. In the same, you can also zoom out the data on the viewing window. 

So this is how one can scatter the plot and graph on a graphing calculator ti-84 plus. There are simple rules that you need to follow so your graph is correctly made. I hope this article has helped you in making a graph on your graphing calculator ti-84 plus. 

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