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How To Put The Calculator In Radian Mode TI-30 [Solution]

Have you used a calculator before? We are pretty sure you would have. Every single person in the world would have used a calculator for their day-to-day purpose. There are various types of calculators available in the market. Some are simple calculators doing basic calculations, while some are scientific or financial calculators doing complex calculations. Hence, before diving into the modes and their functions of a calculator, let’s briefly recapitulate these calculators.

How To Put The Calculator In Radian Mode TI-30

Types Of Calculators

Modern electronic calculators are used to carry out many tasks from basic maths tasks to arithmetic to complex mathematics. Calculators have enhanced our ability to perform basic calculations and also helped us to understand and fulfill these calculations at a bigger scale and speed. 

The basic calculators are used to do general-purpose calculations in the home and office. Scientific calculators are designed to solve problems in mathematics, science, and engineering.

The first scientific calculator was manufactured in 1968, and then thousands of portable scientific calculators have been invented. One such calculator was TI 30, designed by Texas Instruments. 

TI-30 was launched in 1976. After that, TI 30 went through many transformations in its design under the brand name of TI. The latest model launched by TI is the TI-30X Pro.

As we know now there are many mathematical calculations made using scientific calculators, and one of them is calculating angles.

How To Measure An Angle In A Calculator?

There are many ways to measure an angle. Just as feet and meters are different systems to measure length, degree, and radian are the two approaches to measure an angle. The most common way is to measure degrees used in most US high school students and colleges. In degrees, a full circle is 360 degrees, and a right angle is 90 degrees. The other way to measure angle is radian, wherein a full circle is 2-pi radians, and a right angle is pi/2 radians. 

Now when you are working with trigonometric functions, you often have to change the system of the angle that is measured. By default, the angle mode in the calculator is in degree mode, but if you want to calculate the angle in radians, then the calculator has to be put in the radian mode.

Let us understand how to put the calculator in radian mode.

Putting The Calculator To Radian Mode In TI 30

If you want to calculate the measure of angles in radians instead of degrees or gradians, then using the MODE button, you can change the mode of the device. The new models of TI 30 generally come with the MODE button, but in older models of TI-30, instead of the MODE button, the DRG(Degree, Radian, Gradian) button is used.

How To Put The Calculator In Radian Mode In Older TI 30 Models?

  • Radian mode in older TI 30 models Switch on the calculator by pressing the ON button.
  • Press the DRG button. On pressing the button, the indicator displays the MODE at the lowest part of the display. It will change the angle modes from degrees to radians to grads and again back to degrees. The indicator will tell you the current MODE.
  • Once you select Radian Mode, you can start your calculations.

How To Put The Calculator In Radian Mode In New TI 30 Models?

  • Radian mode in new TI 30 modelsTurn on the calculator by pressing the ON button on the left side of the device.
  • To change the mode settings, press the MODE button in the first row of the device.
  • Once you are in the mode menu, in the first line of the display, you will be able to see the available angle modes – “DEG”, “RAD”, and “GRAD”.
  • Using the left navigation button on the top right of the keypad, highlight the RAD mode.
  • Press Enter in the bottom right corner of the device to select the mode.
  • To exit the mode menu, press the “2nd” button on the top left of the keypad.
  • The calculator is put into the radian mode and is ready to use.


Now you know how to put the calculator in radian mode in TI 30! It is an easy and straightforward process. You have to follow the steps provided above. Hopefully, now you will be able to change the angle modes in your calculator to work out your calculations. So, start calculating!

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