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College students or even people who want to appear for Preliminary SAT or PSAT exams often wonder if calculators are permitted in the exam. The answer is yes; there are some approved calculators for PSAT. As a lot of students take up this test to get an idea about the actual SAT and its format, it is essential to prepare for the sections of the exams thoroughly. The Math section of the test requires a lot of calculations; some of them are also complex to solve on your own. For this particular reason, the authorities permit the use of calculators while you are taking the exam. So if you are an aspiring student who wants to appear for the PSAT, then it is vital to invest in a good calculator for practicing at home as well as using it in the exams. 

Best Calculator for Psat

The regular calculators might be of no use due to the increased complexity of the questions or equations. Hence for this particular reason, you should opt for the ones that help you with all types of calculations and are also allowed on PSAT. Having a calculator handy while you are preparing for the exam helps in get a good grip overusing its functions. Buy a calculator months before the exam to get hands-on experience so that you can speedily complete your Math section in PSAT. Although there are many such options available in the market, always opt for the calculators allowed on PSAT. To help you save time in searching for the best ones, I have made a list of the top five PSAT-approved calculators. Go through the list and find the one that meets all your criteria.

1. Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator

TI-83 Graphing Calculator

The first option on this list is this graphing calculator from the known brand of Texas Instruments. The company is known for its range of calculators and premium quality. It has been rated as one of the best graphing calculators for both maths and science. The calculator is equipped with all the needed functions and features that can help in plotting the data and carrying out its analysis. This alternative is ideal for people who are looking for a calculator to help with calculus, trigonometry, engineering, or other financial functions.

Key Features:

  • The calculator features an LCD screen with a 64X96 pixel resolution to provide a bright display to the users.
  • It comes with all the needed accessories along with a CD manual that can help to learn the functions of the calculator quickly and AAA batteries.
  • This calculator is approved for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and other college exams.
  • As the calculator is also equipped with a FLASH ROM memory the users can add software applications and update them as well.
  • It also has a Guerrilla military-grade screen protector set for keeping it safe.

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2. Casio fx-115ES Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-115ES

The next option on this list is from the reputed and globally known brand Casio. Like the Texas Instruments, this company also has a range of calculators, including scientific and non-scientific variants. This calculator is permitted for tests like PSAT, SAT, AP tests, and ACT college entrance exams. It has been designed to deliver easy operation for the students. The enhanced features of this alternative include displaying root forms of the equations, finding derivatives, and many other operations. This calculator is also equipped to carry out 40 metric conversions, matrix and vector calculations along with table functions.

Key Features:

  • The calculator is equipped with more than 280 functions that help in solving several calculations, including complex numbers, base arithmetics, polar-rectangular conversions, and more.
  • As it has a natural textbook display, the results that appear on the screen as exactly how they are shown in the textbook.
  • The multi-replay function of the calculator helps in checking the calculations step-by-step along with editing the expression for recalculations.
  • The calculator can work efficiently due to dual power consisting of solar power backed up with the battery power supply.
  • It also has a list-based STAT editor that makes it convenient for the students to make changes.
  • Students looking for a calculator to use for all subjects such as algebra, statistics, chemistry, engineering, etc can opt for this alternative as it has all the functions.

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3. Catiga Scientific Graphing Calculator

Catiga Scientific Graphing Calculator

One can also consider the option of the Catiga Scientific calculator. This alternative is suitable for both students and professionals. It operates on a modern operating system and comes with an LCD screen. As this is a graphic calculator, the graphs and other functions are displayed on the screen. It is approved for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP tests. The calculator has the best features for both scientific functions as well as graphic ones. The students taking up courses in Pre-algebra, Algebra, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, or calculus can invest in this alternative due to its versatile functionality. The size is ideal and convenient to use the calculator. Also, it is advisable to press the button of reset if your calculator is not starting up.

Key Features:

  • The calculators have a programmable system that helps the students to do all types of courses and calculations. 
  • As it features over 280 functions, one can use this calculator for linear regression, complex number calculations, permutations, and more.
  • This calculator also has the feature of generating graphs, drawing functions, graph solving, and built-in template graphs.
  • One can get this calculator in many colors such as Blue, White, Red, Green, and others.
  • The manufacturer offers a 365-day warranty for the calculator and hence you can contact customer service if you encounter any issues.

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4. Casio fx-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-300ES PLUS

As Casio has many variants that are permitted for PSAT, ACT, and SAT exams, this variant fx-300ES is quite popular due to its features. Unlike the previously mentioned calculator, this is just a scientific calculator and cannot be used for graphing functions. So students who just want a scientific calculator that is allowed for PSAT can opt for this alternative and also save some bucks. The calculator is equipped with more than 200 features that aid in doing the calculations with ease.

Key Features:

  • This model from the Casio is solar-powered along with battery backup ensuring extended life of the calculator.
  • It has a natural textbook display that makes it convenient for the students to use this calculator and also speeds up the calculations.
  • As this alternative is also packed with a multi-relay function, you can go through the calculation step-by-step to edit the expression or recalculate.
  • The calculator can be used for finding the logarithm of any nase and solving statistics or linear regressions.
  • Its unique feature is that it has a repeating decimal display, which is not commonly found in other scientific calculators.

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5. Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS

The last option on this list is this TI-84 Plus model from the house of Texas Instruments. This model is 30% thinner than the previous models making it an ideal calculator for the students to carry around. This calculator is permitted to be used for PSAT, ACT, SAT, and other college exams. As this calculator has all the graphing functions, you can invest in it if you are looking for a graphing calculator exclusively. The students who have taken up some courses in maths and science can use this calculator all year round for doing all types of calculations. As it comes with built-in math print features, users can enter as well as view formulas, math symbols, and stacked fractions just like it appear in their textbooks.

Key Features:

  • The calculator comes with enhanced screen readability and a full-color backlit display.
  • One can also use this calculator for reading and making graphs by adding grid lines.
  • As this alternative uses a rechargeable TI battery, it is an eco-friendly option and also has more longevity.
  • Its sleek design and pre-loaded apps along with images, make it a perfect choice for high-school or college-going students.
  • Users can also import the images from the calculator and use it for their coursework.

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All the options stated above are PSAT-approved calculators and are permitted for use in the exams. Hence you do not have to worry about taking it with you on the test day. I have made sure to include different types of calculators so that you have options to explore. I would recommend calculators from Texas Instruments and Casio as both these brands are known for their top-notch quality products. I hope this article helps you to decide the one and make sure you read all the features before making the purchase.

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