Best Checkbook Calculator – Easiest Way Track Your Banking Balances

To balance out your checkbook, one must have a checkbook calculator. It becomes very difficult and irregular for us to maintain our accounts and finances. For actually storing the data and maintaining accounts at the same time, Datexx has manufactured multiple Checkbook calculators. Each of them is improved as per the need and trend. Any change in technology gives your calculator an upgrade, and you can be updated at the same time. 

Best Checkbook Calculator

Below are the best checkbook calculators that are easy to carry and easy to use. The listed below calculators can handle and maintain three accounts at the same time and also a checkbook wallet. Let me tell you that Datexx has been serving calculators for more than 30 years. With their specialty in this field and mastery in upgrading the checkbook calculators, you can find your best fit. These calculators are for sale on Amazon.

Below are the best checkbook calculators:

1. Datexx DB-403 3-Memory Checkbook Calculator

Datexx DB-403 3-Memory Checkbook CalculatorWhen it comes to the Checkbook Calculator, and an apt one, the Datexx calculator with model DB 403 stands its mark out. It has multiple variants of calculators, among which DB 403 is the perfectly suitable calculator for a checkbook. Let’s know more about the key features of the same:

 Key Features:

  • It keeps a proper track record of your income and expenses.
  • It keeps a track record of any specific personal budget.
  • It has its own three independent memory.
  • You can roam around with this one without any hesitation because it’s a solar-powered calculator.
  • Along with solar power, it also has lithium batteries.
  • It is durable in the long run and maintains the memory of the checkbook.
  • The checkbook and calculator are attached and covered with a black leatherette wallet.
  • The wallet is super soft and holds your checks, receipts, credit cards, and much more stuff. 
  • You can feel relief as the calculator is password-protected.
  • No theft of data because of lock mode.
  • Any unauthorized access with warn you immediately and protect the data with higher command. 
  • The weight of the calculator is just 0.29 lbs.


2. Datexx DB-413 Checkbook Calculator

Datexx DB-413 Checkbook CalculatorOne of the best calculators for niche use. Every Datexx calculator is manufactured, keeping the consumer in mind, and every model has an upgraded feature and functions of its own. This one is the DB 413 model, and all you need to do is enter your number and then function. Know more features below:

Key Features:

  • It provides the date and time along with the records. 
  • It keeps a track record of all incomes and expenses along with any personal budget.
  • The calculator can follow and perform three different accounts at the very same time. 
  • It has a vinyl wallet for the safety of credit cards and receipts.
  • This is the most accurate calculator.
  • It is slim, light, and easy to carry a calculator. 
  • Datexx has been manufacturing these for the past 30-35 years. 
  • Along with the experience and new features according to the trend, constant updates are also available. 
  • It has secure removal and resetting options for the batteries. 
  • One can set time, tax rate, tax function, and much more in the calculator. 
  • It gives very simple and easy entries for your transactions. 
  • The calculator and checkbook are user-friendly and can be understood by everyone. 
  • You can deposit and check the balance of your accounts by following simple steps. 
  • It has an owner’s manual for the reference of the users to work.


3. Datexx Battery Powered Checkbook Calculator

Datexx Battery Powered Checkbook CalculatorDatexx Battery Powered calculator is the first model of the above series and has the very basic function of a checkbook. Not wasting more time, let’s jump on to the key features of the Datexx Battery Checkbook Calculator. 

 Key Features:

  • It can balance up to 3 accounts at the same time. 
  • It has the function of a Low Balance warning system if you are running overbalances.
  • Along with these, it also has features of an alarm and date display system. 
  • Datexx guarantees the amount of satisfaction while using this checkbook calculator. 
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design. 
  • The size of the calculator is 6.3/8”*4.½.”
  • It has an elegant folded cover. 
  • One can fit in their checkbook, receipts, cards, and much more. 
  • You can also compare the rates of a checkbook calculator with any other brand.
  • It is ultra-affordable and durable. 
  • It is also easy to use and carry at places. 
  • It helps you to track the records of your finances, expenses, income, and budget.
  • It has an attached wallet for keeping the essentials intact. 
  • It has attached a user manual that makes it easy for the consumer to command any function. 
  • Store your accounts easily with this checkbook calculator effortlessly.


This is it, here are the three best products for checkbook calculators and all of them are on sale. Each one of them is an upgraded version of another. They are also pocket-friendly and easy to use. According to me, the Datexx DB-403 3-Memory Checkbook Calculator is the best amongst all as it has all the upgraded functions and features. It has date and time features, three accounts at the same time system, keeps a track record of expenses, incomes, and personal budget, is password-protected, and much more. If you want any other specifications than these, you can also refer to rest two checkbook calculators. I hope you liked this article. Stay Tuned till the next one!

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