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Many schools and colleges do not permit graphing calculators on the exams or when taking SATs, AP Physics, IIC, etc. For such courses and exams, the non-graphing calculators are the ones that come to the rescue. An excellent non-graphing scientific calculator is a must if you are a school or college-going, student. Many professionals reach out for non-graphing calculators, but how to find the one that has all the essential scientific functions, and durability at an affordable range? Don’t worry I have come up with a list of all the best options for non-graphing scientific calculators that are readily available in the market both online and offline.

Best Non-Graphing Calculator

After brainstorming, going through the reviews from the buyers, and comparing all the features of the calculators I am going to share the ones I found to be the best, unique, and also won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Texas TI-36X Non-Graphing Scientific Calculator

Texas TI-36X Scientific Calculator

TI-36x is the top-rated calculator in the category of non-graphing scientific calculators. All the buyers have given a positive review after using this calculator. It is ideal for curricula in which the graphing calculator is not permitted. It is suitable for subjects such as Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, etc. The calculator comes with a Mathprint feature that enables it to display math expressions, symbols, etc. as they appear in the textbook. It also shows the defined function in the tabular form.

Key Features

  • The calculator has a four-line display which is beneficial for doing lengthy calculations.
  • The calculator has a multiview display that can show multiple calculations simultaneously on the display screen.
  • It is ideal for high school through college and even for people for professional use.
  • There are three solvers to choose from: numeric equation, polynomial, and system of linear equations.
  • It can be used to perform vectors and matrices by using a vector and matrix entry window.
  • The calculator has the option of selecting the degrees/radians, number format modes, and floating/fix.


2. Casio fx-115ES Engineering Calculator

Casio fx-115ES

Casio is one of the renowned names in the brands for making premium quality calculators. This fx-115ES calculator is suitable for the courses, and students who are looking for a good and durable non-graphing calculator. It has over 280 functions that include fractions, statistics, linear regression, and many other calculations. The most attractive feature of the calculator is that it has two-way power supplies that comprise solar power backed up by the battery so that one can easily use the calculator anywhere. This calculator is suitable for school and college-going students.

Key features

  • The calculator has a large multi-line display that helps in multi-relay functionality.
  • The display shows natural textbook expressions as they appear in the textbook.
  • It can perform the complex number calculations with ease.
  • It has a list-based STAT data editor.
  • The multi-replay function of the calculator helps in viewing and backtracking the calculations step-by-step to edit expressions and recalculate results.
  • This non-graphing scientific calculator is allowed to be used on the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.


3. Sharp Calculator EL-W516TBSL Scientific Calculator


The Sharp calculator is one of the most affordable and premium quality calculators available in the market. The calculator has seven modes including normal, stat, drill, complex, matrix, list, and equation modes. It has 640 functions. The calculator is quite durable and comes with a gloss black finish and silver accents. It has a WriteView display and is permitted on many exams such as PSAT, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Mach IC, and IIC exams.

Key features

  • The calculator has a large 16-digit, four-line LCD.
  • The home key on the calculator allows the user to start fresh from any screen.
  • It comes with a hard protective case to keep the calculator safe and prevent any damage.
  • The calculator can also solve the quadratic and cubic equations.
  • It can be used for subjects such as pre-calculus, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.


4. Casio Fx-82es Scientific Calculations

Casio Fx-82es

This calculator is the most advanced scientific calculator on this list. It is suitable for engineering students as well as professionals. It is also ideal for students who are in the computer science course. It is lightweight, compact, and affordable at the same time. The calculator is durable too which makes it worth the price.

Key features

  • This non-graphing calculator has 252 built-in functions.
  • It has a dot matrix display.
  • The calculator displays 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential.
  • The calculator also has the feature of Multi-replay which helps in viewing multiple calculations at the same time.


5. Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-300MS

This Casio fx-300MS is the perfect calculator to use in the office as well as in the household. It can be used by the students who have taken up the subjects such as algebra, and calculus as the calculator also supports the complex number calculations. It also supports 18 levels of parentheses. It has an efficient, user-friendly layout that makes it easier to use for scientific calculations. The calculator is equipped with the key in feature and program formulas for future use.

Key features

  • The calculator has 240 built-in functions.
  • It has a readable two-line display that exhibits ten digits.
  • It also has one independent and six constant memory keys.
  • The calculator also has an autoplay key to check your last calculation.
  • It comes with a hard slide-on case for keeping the calculator safe.
  • The calculator operates on both batteries as well as solar power, so it never runs out of power.


6. Helect H1002 Non-Graphing Scientific Calculator

Helect H1002

The Helect H1002 non-graphing scientific calculator is one of the robust and professional-grade calculators in this lit. It is perfect for school and college-going students.

Key features

  • The calculator has a 2 line display that shows the entry and the calculated result at the same time.
  • It comes with a slide-off protective case.
  • The calculator comes with a lifetime warranty from Helect.
  • It can quickly solve one and two-variable statistical calculations along with three-angle modes and scientific notation modes.


7. HP 35s Non-Graphing Scientific Calculator

HP 35s

This scientific programmable calculator is ideal for students studying science, medicine, engineering, and surveying. The most attractive feature of the calculator is that it comes with memory storage of 800 registered users so that one can save the equation and solve it later. It can be used for using it in the SAT reasoning test, SAT subjects test in Math levels 1 and 2, ACT, and many such exams.

Key features

  • The calculator comes with an adjustable contrast with two lines display.
  • There are over 100 built-in functions in the calculator for doing scientific calculations.
  • The calculator allows the user to choose between RPN or an algebraic entry system.
  • The lengthy calculations are easy to do due to its robust memory.
  • The calculator comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It also comes with a protective slide on a hardcover to prevent the calculator from any damage.


So these were the best options that I came across while looking for an excellent non-graphic scientific calculator. The critical feature of all these calculators is that these calculators are permitted on exams. All the calculators are suitable for doing Mathematics, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, and other such subjects. My recommendation will be the Texas TI-36X calculator and Helect H1002 non-graphing scientific calculator. I hope this article helps you decide on the best non-graphic scientific calculator per your requirements.

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