C vs CE in Calculator – Clear your Confusion

Calculators have made our lives easy by helping us to solve complex calculations within minutes. A lot of physical calculators, both scientific and nonscientific, are equipped with a lot of functions to perform the calculations efficiently. Talking about the functions, two such functions seem similar to everyone.

C vs CE in Calculator

The “C” and “CE” appear to be identical to in functions. But that is not the case. Both these keys have a small difference, which makes them unique and useful at the same time. If you are also confused about what is the difference between C and CE on the calculator, then read this article to find out the answer.

The function of both the keys C and CE is to clear or erase the entries. Although the final task is the same, Let’s go through their characteristics and functions to understand precisely.

CE: First, let’s go through the functions of this key. The short form CE stands for “Clear Entry.” It clears the last entry that you did while solving the calculations. Remember that this will only erase or delete the previous entry before you have performed any operation on it. 

This key is useful to erase any error while doing the calculation without deleting the entire entry. Look at the example given below to understand the function more clearly,

E.g., Let’s say you have to solve the calculation having multiple steps in it and you make an error on the fourth step,





Now on this step, you realize that the entry is wrong and you wrote 750 instead of 570; you can use this function of CE only to erase the last number inserted. Once you press CE, you can enter the right data now and proceed with the calculation.





= 1,776,730

C: This function stands for “global clear” that clears or deletes the entire calculation. So in case you hit C instead of CE in the previous calculation, you have to start the entire calculation again.

In some calculators, these are renamed as DEL and AC. DEL stands for “delete” and erases the last entry like CE. The AC key stands for “all clear” and clears the entire calculation, just like the C key. Many calculators also have both C and CE on the same key. You need to hit the key once to perform the action of CE and tap it twice for clearing the entire calculation.

Concluding Remarks

So now, you can accurately use both the keys to make your calculations quicker. Always remember to clear all the previous data before starting a new calculation. To conclude, we can say that CE is of utmost importance in multiple-step calculations as it can help in erasing any errors. Whereas the C function can be used to clear all the entries.

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